Energy Efficiency Specialists

                                                          -   "...cause every WATT counts"

We provide comprehensive energy efficiency soutions for industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Tariff analyses
  • Energy efficient Refrigration & Cooling Systems / Air Conditioning
  • Energy efficient Misting Applications ( energy savings up to 30%)
  • Renewable Energy Systems (PV)
  • Process Optimisation - energy saving & efficiency
  • Energy efficient Lighting ( Wireless Lighting Control & Automation)
  • BMS Systems ( Wireless Control & Automation)
  • Financial models - Commercial & industrial projects - to gain and implement energy efficient interventions/ technologies and equipment
  • Process Optomisation

We offer award winning solutions and technologies tailor-made to reduce your energy consumption, thereby saving you money.

Rising electricity costs are a reality!!!

Enestar will reduce your electricity consumption.......cause every WATT counts.

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