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Energy Efficiency Specialists


                                                              "...cause every WATT counts"


We provide comprehensive energy efficient soutions for industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.


Our fields of expertise include:

  • Energy efficiency Refrigeration and Cooling Systems
  • Solar Geysers, Solar Panels and Heat Pumps
  • Energy efficiency Air Conditioning Systems
  • Renewable Energy efficiency saving solutions
  • Process Optomisation - energy saving & efficiency
  • Flash Cooling and Misting Systems
  • Energy efficiency Lighting
  • Building Management Systems
  • Wireless Lighting Control & Automation

Enestar is an approved Eskom Esco ( Energy Saving Company) and we can assist in obtaining rebates from Eskom .We can assist with obtaining  financing for energy saving interventions.


We offer award winning solutions and technologies tailor-made to reduce your energy consumption, thereby saving you money.


Rising electricity costs are a reality!!!


Enestar will reduce your electricity consumption......cause every WATT counts.


Hot water heating is one of the key focal points for Eskom and hence their incentive to reward clients via their SOP rebate package.


Geysers consume the most elctricity in the typical home. Solar Geysers use heat from the sun to provide free hot water. 

Once you have installed a Solar Geyser, you immediately start saving on your electricity bill. Solar geysers are big money savers.

Each Solar geyser has 3 components:Solar Panel(s), Geyser and standard electrical  back-up.

We supply and install  quality guranteed  Solar Geyser Technology for commercial and domestic use.

Please contact Hantie Van Onselen via e-mail regarding quotes, expert advice, eskom rebates and more.


The search for alternative power sources has led companies and individuals to opt for renewable energy and ultimately solar power. Solar power PV Panels (photovoltaic) systems consist of an array of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity by a process as the photovoltaic or PV effect.

Solar electricity in South Africa ranges from "stand-alone" installations comprising one or more solar PV panels capable of powering TV sets and small appliances to battery-backed solar systems able to simultaneously run fridges,LED Lights and sockets of for the charging of mobile phones.

When the sun is obscured, or at night, the battery backup takes over providing enough energy to last between four and six hours depending on off-take.

Please contact Hantie and Trevor Van Onselen via e-mail for quotations and expert advice.


Enestar supply air to water heat pumps and solar thermal water heaters providing an energy efficiency system that can be fitted to any geyser and calorifier.

Unlike solar hot water heating, the heat pump will operate at night and in cold temperatures, without electrical backup.

You will enjoy guaranteed savings, extended warrantees and Eskom’s money in your pocket rebates, when you install a heat pump.

Enestar also provide an energy efficiency system that can be adapted to fit any geyser or calorifier.  

Send us an e-mail for expert advice, in the design, selection and installation of heat pumps, sized from 3.6kW domestic to 1 000kW industrial units 


Projects Completed - Hot Water Heating Division

  • Life Hospital (Empangeni)
  • PMB Girls College
  • Port Natal School
  • Protea Hotel(Bloem)
  • SA Defence Force
  • Killarney Hotel
  • Tusk Casino
  • Hilton Hotel
  • PWD Hospital(Bloem)
  • Natal Spar Resort
  • Life Hospital Umhlanga
  • Rivera Hotel

Energy Efficiency Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Systems

Refrigeration is one of the few systems that are never switched off and operate 24/7 and therefor are one of the largest consumers of electricity, for this reason substantial electricity savings can be achieved.


Our e-RACS² energy efficiency refrigeration system won a coveted Eskom ETA Award in 2009 and with over 20 projects completed; this system not saves you electricity, but also reduces breakdowns, stock losses, service repair and maintenance costs.


To find out more how you can achieve substantial savings, please contact Trevor Van Onselen @ 0828993777.


Projects Completed:

  • BMW Continental Cars : Port Elizabeth
  • Eveready
  • Summerbreeze Super Spar (Port Elizabeth)
  • Pick ‘n Pay: Grahamstown
  • Pick ‘n Pay : Port Alfred
  • N2 City Super Spar
  • Moratiwa Spar ( Limpopo)
  • Bopedi Super Spar ( Limpopo)
  • Clan William Super Spar

Enestar  lighting

This division is headed by Mike Beck, Lighting Engineer, who has 30 years of experience in the industrial, commercial and domestic lighting sector.
Mike worked and studied under Dr Einhorn where he qualified to be a member of the Institute of Lighting Engineers of South Africa.

Mike has also decided to join forces with Enestar to concentrate on energy efficient lighting solutions.

Enestar Lighting has adopted the philosophy of providing top quality energy efficient lighting and an affordable price with warrantees from between 1-3 years.

The influx of cheap, low quality LED lighting that has no backup, has caused confusion in the marketplace.

Enestar will provide you with the correct lighting advice. Please, call Mike @ 0828993777.


Projects completed with Eskom:

  • Unifrutti Pack house Kirkwood where 93kW of power saved-Cost to client for new product Project cost R556 800. 
  • Rebate - R365 900
    End cost to client - R192 900
  • Eveready (Port Elizabeth) 45kW saving
  • Bluewater Bay Super Spar ( Port Elizabeth)

  • Kragga Kamma Spar ( Port Elizabeth).

  • Bopedi  Spar.


Non Eskom Projects :

  • SA Breweries hops lighting : Port Elizabeth

  • Telkom Park Stadium Lighting

  • NMMU Hockey field Lighting : Port Elizabeth

  • Central Rugby Stadium : Uitenhage

  • St Aiden’s Hockey Field : Grahamstown

  • Maritime Motors (Port Elizabeth)

  • BMW (Port Elizabeth)

  • SA Breweries : Perseverance

  • PE Casino

Enestar BMS

Building Mangement Systems


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